EasyCount is a Microsoft Partner and we use Microsoft technology for servers, databases and applications. The Microsoft technology ensures a high level of stability and availability.

Some of our basic EasyCount solutions have been running for many years without any needs for updates. The counters have been reporting every minute and the data have been used for production monitoring.

We design our systems as open platforms. In this way the customers can design their own applications and integrate them together with the EasyCount solution.

The customer has full access to the data in the databases.

The EasyCount software is designed as an open platform so customers can design and add their own functionality.

Hosted software – EasyCount takes care of everything !

The easiest way to begin with EasyCount is to use our hosted solution. Here we provide the server capacity needed for the project and we setup everything for you.

Each EasyCount solution has its own database and WEB interface. In this way it is easy to migrate the solution to an other server, if the customer wants to move the solution to another server.

The server is a Cloud server, so there is access to the solution from the Internet.

The database stores production data for the last year. If more data storage is needed, this will be handled from project to project.

We use Cloud computers so data are available everywhere.

EasyCount master license

Some customers want to install the EasyCount solution as a part of their IT infrastructure.

In this setup the EasyCount software will be installed on premise or a server in the customer cloud environment. In a larger company there might be several installations on the different plants.

The server master license is a one time payment. It is allowed to install the software on several servers within the company or group.

The EasyCount solution can be installed locally in the company IT infrastructure.