Our Vision

We will provide intelligent solutions to support the process of continuously optimization in production environments.

The combination of computers and intelligent software generates a great tool for getting insights in an automated production environment. By using the data generated from the machines together with the people operating them, the output can be improved in many ways.

We aim to deliver solutions, that are easy to install, easy to configure, easy to operate and easy to expand. We make production monitoring easy !

Combining the newest technology with human intelligence will generate new tools to use for creating better results.

Who We Are

EasyCount is an Danish company founded in 2010 and 100% Danish owned.

We are specialists in data collection from production environments.

Our solutions help our costumers to gain more output from their production by using the information from the data collection.

Over the years, we have developed solutions for different customers in different industries. These EasyCount solutions are now tools within the companies and used daily to generate a status overview and help optimizing the production.


Our solutions are easy to install and operate. So results are available quickly.

What We Do

We use computers to collect data from machines and production lines. The output from a machine is typically measured by using a sensor mounted on the machine.

The production data from the machine are stored into databases. From the production data we generate statistics and online results. The statistics, reports and online data are used for optimizing the production, reducing stop times etc.

Our systems are typically integrated into the company ERP systems. In this way the customer can compare the real production information with the planned values (produced items, speed, setup/stop/production time).

Normally EasyCount stores the data in servers in “The Cloud”. But if the customer wants to have the data integrated into the company IT infrastructure, our solutions can be setup to this.

We have all development in-house. In this way we are able to deliver the specific solution for the specific customer.

Our solutions generate real-time information about the machines performance. 

We use Cloud technology so data from the production will be available anywhere and anytime.

How We Work

All companies are different from each other.

Therefore a solution for one company cannot be used directly for another company. There will always be differences in type of machines, ways of working, ways of reporting etc. and therefore, our solutions are 100% customized to the individual company.

We have some basic hardware and software solutions that can be used for the job, and typically this will take us a good step towards the final solution. Where special functions are needed, this will be developed and integrated into the total solution, so it satisfies the customer’s needs.

Implementing an intelligent production monitoring system can be a complex job and can involve many people. Typically the whole “chain” from machine operator to production manager and IT department can be involved. During the implementation we work together with all involved departments to ensure, that the final solution will fulfill all the requirements.

Typically projects are started by using some of the EasyCount standard software and hardware solutions. This is an easy way for the customer to get some real data from the production in a quick way. A system can be setup in a few hours and very fast there will data to analyze and the data will give the first picture of the situations in the production.

The next steps are typically a further expansion of the installation, where more and more machines will be added to the solution. In the process the reporting and data monitoring is adjusted and new kinds of reporting will be developed.

One of the possible next steps is the integration of EasyCount together with the ERP systems within the company. The integration will add “real time” information to the planned production orders and this information will become a great tool for controlling the production and optimizing the output.

Getting a complete overview of the production can be complicated if not all data are available in digital format. And also available at all time.

EasyCount solutions provide real-time data. This gives a perfect overview of the production and how the machines are performing.