Intelligent Production Monitoring

EasyCount collects real-time data from machines and production lines. The data are stored into databases, where they are analyzed. Results are updated every minute and available online. This gives you:

  • overview to ensure, that production is running OK
  • information for optimizing the output from machines
  • information to reduce stop time, waste and breakdowns
  • motivated machine operators

EasyCount products are very easy to install. No experts are needed. So “time-to-results” is short.

Complicated production monitoring ? Use EasyCount to simplify it.

Production monitoring

We deliver monitoring solutions for:

  • single machines
  • factories (multiple machines)
  • groups (multiple factories)

Our solutions are scalable. Start with a single machine and expand when needed.

Monitoring as motivation

Studies shows, that visualization of results can have a positive impact on humans and increase the motivation.

By implementing a monitoring system everybody have a clear view of goals and performance. And together this information can motivate and generate a better output.

Online demo session

Today’s technology makes meetings a lot easier. We can meet online and don’t have to travel.

EasyCount uses online meetings to demonstrate our products and have a talk with customers about their projects and look into possible solutions.