Real-time Production Monitoring

EasyCount is specialized in real-time production monitoring.

We use computers to collect data from machines and production lines. Data is sent to databases, where the information is stored. Ready to use for reporting and analysis. Our solutions are used world-wide to supply valuable information to our customers in their daily work of optimizing their business.

Our systems are real-time WEB solutions. You will have access to your data online, anywhere in the world.

EasyCount systems are scalable. Start with one machine and expand when needed.

Complex monitoring …  use EasyCount and simplify it !

Production Monitoring

EasyCount delivers complete solutions for production monitoring. The monitoring gives a complete overview of the current situation in the factory. The information from the solutions are real-time.

Our solutions are very easy to install and operate. No experts are needed.

The smallest EasyCount setup is a single machine. The largest EasyCount setup is group solutions with multiple machines in multiple factories in multiple countries with integration to the company ERP and BI systems.  Read more …

Power Metering

Power metering makes it possible to measure the power for machines and production lines.

The information about power consumption is a tool for optimizing the power usage and reduce the costs.

EasyCount can provide these measurement systems. And they are easy to implement on already existing installations. Read more …