Production Monitoring & Optimization

Data is fundamental for production optimization !

Real-time production information is the basic tool for a better utilization of the machines: 

  • Increase production output
  • Reduce machine stop time
  • Better production planning 


Install EasyCount and get online with your production !


The EasyCount production monitoring system is a complete suite of products, that helps our customers in their daily job of running and optimizing the production.

We use computers to collect production data from machines and production lines. The production data is store into a database for further evaluation, analysis and reporting.

Our solutions supports standard optimization methods as:

  • OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • LEAN Manufacturing
  • TQM – Total Quality Management
  • Machine maintenance, ex. “Preventive maintenance”


Our solutions are:

  • easy to install and easy to operate
  • possible to interface into other solutions like ERP

How to get started with production monitoring ?

It is our experience that most companies have a good insight into their production. 

By combining own knowledge of the company’s production with data from the machines, you create a basic overview and understanding of the entire production process. And this is the foundation for any production optimization process.

These simple steps will bring you the first information about your production:

Our ECRP1 counter is an easy way to get data from the machine. When a sensor is mounted inside the machine it takes a few minutes before data are available online !


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