Intelligent Production Monitoring

We collect real-time data from machines and production lines. The data are stored into databases, where they are analyzed. Results are updated every minute and available online. This gives you:

  • overview to make sure, that production is running OK
  • great tool for optimizing the output from machines
  • information to reduce stop time, waste and breakdowns
  • motivated machine operators

All our products are very easy to install. No experts are needed. So “time-to-results” is short.

Production monitoring does NOT have to be complicated. We know how to simplify it !

Production Monitoring

We deliver monitoring solutions for:

  • single machines
  • factories (multiple machines)
  • groups (multiple factories)

Our solutions are scalable. Start with a single machine and expand when needed.

Monitoring and motivation

Studies shows, that visualization of results can have a positive impact on humans and increase the motivation.

By implementing a monitoring system everybody have a clear view of goals and performance. And together this information can motivate and generate a better output.

Online demo session

The Corona virus has changed the world. But “the show must go on”.

So we have started to use online meetings for demo sessions too. In this way we can demonstrate our products and have a talk with customers about their projects and have a look into possible solutions.