Data Visualization As Motivation

Monitoring has become a integrated part of modern life.

The introduction of smart phones opened up a whole new world of information and we use them daily in our lives:

  • fitness apps – showing our training loads
  • smarts watches that monitor our sleeping pattern
  • apps showing how much we have earned on our shares
  • … and much more

A lot of this information supports motivation. When we monitor our performance, we can compare this with our goals and see, where we are and use the information to keep us “on track”. Motivated. Aiming for our goals.

In a production environment the use of information can be supportive in the process of motivating the staff in their daily routines. If we know what is expected and visualize where we are now, we can use the information to plan the effort needed to do the job. This will typical leads towards a better performance and output.

An important part of the EasyCount solutions is the monitoring of results in the production.

We have seen the positive impact when customers have introduced production monitoring in the company. Not only for the “office people” but also for the machine operators. When everyone in the company shares the information about the situation right now, it generates the team spirit and generates a better output. The production monitoring system becomes a general tool for reporting the current situation. And the optimization of processes, reduction of stop times etc. becomes a project for everyone in the company.


Motivation and team spirit leads to great results. But it is important to know: where we are and where we are going.

A 65″ monitor near an assembly line showing the current order status. Everything is in real-time