EasyCount has delivered production monitoring solutions for more than 10 years. The scalability of our solutions makes it possible to start with a single machine and expand the installation with more machines when needed.

Our solutions are easy to install and operate, so no experts are needed. Typically the EasyCount equipment is installed by the local service and maintenance teams in the factories.

The smallest EasyCount setup is a single sensor and a counter, where online data will be available on the WEB portal.

The largest EasyCount setup is group solutions with multiple machines in multiple factories in multiple countries with integration to the company ERP and BI systems.

EasyCount solutions are delivered as “plug-and-count”. Power on the devices and data are available online within a few minutes.

The “full-stack” setup

EasyCount solutions can be delivered in many variations. This diagram shows an installation in a “full-stack” setup and the different components are explained in more details below.

Sensor – the link between machine and counter

To measure the output from a machine we need a signal when the machine is producing.

Most machines have a computer installed, that controls the functionality of the machine. It can be a challenge to retrieve a run signal from this machine controller. Some machines do not have this the kind of run signal. And some machine manufacturer don’t want to provide the signal.

Therefore an EasyCount solution uses a separate sensor mounted somewhere in the machine where the output can be measured. In this way no interface with the machine controller is needed. And by using a separate sensor the EasyCount system can be installed on all types of machines.

The sensor is connected to the counter. When the machines is producing, the signal from the sensor is registered by the by counter. This is the measurement of the output from the machine. Every minute the counter sends the registrations to the server, where it is saved into a database.

Sensors are available in many different sizes and types. Therefore it is possible to interface any type of machine to an EasyCount solution and receive data.

Here are some examples of using the same sensor in different setups:

Multiple detections pr. round
Single detection pr. round

Watch sensor in action. See the blink for every rotation.

Counter – read sensor data and report to server and monitor

The counter is a basic part in all EasyCount solutions. The counter registers the signals from sensor on the machine and sends the information to the server for storage in the database.

Our counters are designed for industrial environments and very easy to install. They are shipped as ‘plug-and-count’. This means, that the setup of the counter is pre-configured. So when the counter and sensor have been installed, the data from the machine will be online within few minutes. The installation has following steps:

  1. mount the counter (typical near the machine)
  2. connect the counter to the network in the factory
  3. mount the sensor on the machine for measuring the production output
  4. connect the sensor to the counter
  5. power on the counter
  6. verify that the signal indicator on the counter flashes when the machine is producing
  7. wait a few minutes and you have you first live data from the machine !

The counter has a standard HDMI output for a monitor, so the operators of the machine can see how the machine is performing.

The counter has a view sequencer. This makes is possible to switch between up to four different views. This could be production information, general company information etc.

ECRP1 – single input counter with HDMI output.
Monitor showing production information to operator.

Touchscreen – operators interface

In some productions a communication with the machine operators is needed. This is typically used for starting and stopping orders, entering causes of machine stops etc.

EasyCount has developed an industrial touchscreen for this. The ECTP1 is a computer with a 7″ touchscreen. The user interface be delivered in different languages.

ECTP1 is typically installed in the production near the machines and makes it possible for the operators to monitor production information from the machine. Ex. machine speed.

Touchscreen as operators interface

Server – database for analysis and monitoring

When the counter has collected the production information from the machines, this will be sent to a central server and stored into a database. The data is updated every minute, so the database contains real-time data.

The server software has an API – Application Programming Interface. This API makes it possible on exchange data with the EasyCount system. It is possible to read out all data from the machines and use them together with other IT systems in the company. This could be the ERP system, maintenance systems etc.

The API can be used together with ex. Microsoft Excel. Excel has some great features for showing charts, tables etc. Together with the data from the database, valuable reporting for machines and their performance can be created.

We use Cloud technology for the servers. These severs are available in the Internet and they are accessible from anywhere in the world.

There are different types of server solutions:

  • Cloud solution hosted by EasyCount
  • Cloud solution, where the customer has its own setup in the Cloud
  • “on-prem” solution, where the customer has its own servers inside the company IT infrastructure

The EasyCount solution is easy to move. So it is possible to start by using a hosted solution, where EasyCount provides the server and then move to another server later on.

By using a hosted server “time-to-data” it short, since everything is ready and data will be available online a few minutes after the counter has been connected to the network.

Cloud technology makes EasyCount information available everywhere in the world … anytime !

Monitor controller – production information everywhere

Our counters have an output for a monitor, so production information can be visualized for the machine operators in the production. But the counters have only a single output for a monitor and sometimes there are other places, when production monitoring can we interesting:

  • production planning office (show actual machine status – witch machines are producing)
  • maintenance departments (stop statistics)
  • canteen (eveyone can see, how the current situation is)
  • …. and other places

Our monitor controller ECMC2 is a computer, that controls a monitor. The device can be installed where the production monitoring is needed. And the device is connected to the network, so the online data from the server can be shown.

Most of our customers uses a standard Smart TV as monitor. They are not expensive and the life time is fine.

65″ Smart TV used as monitor for a production line. Showing online information to the people managing the production.

System configuration, data analysis and production monitoring

The EasyCount solution comes with a software package for managing the whole installation. This is the EasyCount Web Portal.

This WEB portal is operated by a standard WEB browser (ex. Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox etc.). No other software is needed to install.

Here is a list of some features in the standard solution:

  • machine overview (which machines are currently producing and how fast)
  • production output monitoring (show produced output in different time intervals)
  • availability reports (run and stop periods in different time intervals)
  • configuration of EasyCount devices (counters, monitor controllers etc.)
  • user setup (assign user rights in the system)

As a part of the EasyCount solution we provide some Excel templates for data retrieval and analysis. This is an Excel workbook, where some macros have been programmed, so data can be read out from the database. These templates can freely be used by our customers for generating other kinds of reporting.

The EasyCount WEB portal is used to manage the whole installation. The software uses a WEB browser, so no additional software needs to be installed to use it.

API – external access and system integration

In some company setups the EasyCount solution works as a stand-alone IT-system. But in most cases the EasyCount solution becomes a part of a bigger IT-solution and therefore it is required, that some kind of interfacing is established between these systems.

Many companies have an ERP system for managing the whole business with finance, customers, orders, inventory etc. When companies invest in an EasyCount solution, a new dimension is added: the data from the real production.

When the real production data are integrated together with the planned production data, a new tool for comparison is available. Now is it possible to validate the planned orders with the real produced orders. EasyCount data contain information about produced output, machine speeds, SETUP/RUN/STOP times. By using this new information a better prediction of the production orders duration and costs can be calculated.

In order to integrate the EasyCount solution with other IT systems, we have designed an interface – an API (Application Programming Interface). This is a standard way of exchanging data between IT systems.

We interface the EasyCount solution to some of the biggest ERP systems like Microsoft Business Central and Microsoft Navision.

We also interface to other type of ERP and production systems, that customers have designed them selves.

EasyCount supports the use of API’s for interfacing to other IT systems. This is a standard way of exchanging data.
We interface to Microsoft ERP systems.