"We bring you online with your production ... adding value to your own data"

Intelligent production monitoring systems

Over the years we have delivered many different solutions - all with the same purpose - to use computers for collecting data from machinery and use the data to optimize the output from the production.

Our computers collect online data from the production line and machines and store these production data into databases, where they can be used for analysis.

Data analysis and intelligent stop registrations generates a great tool for reducing stop times and generate more output.

Data and results are available online on smartphone, tablet, PC and data can be shown in real time on monitors near the machines at the production line.

We allways try to simplify our products and therefore all EasyCount solutions are easy to install and operate.

Our Solutions

We have all hardware and software development in-house. We offer standard solutions and they are easy to install and operate. If a standard solution cannot do the job, we can develop hardware and software for special needs so you as customer get the best solution. Here is an overview of our solutions ...

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EasyCount Online

When you buy an EasyCount solution you automatically get access to our online WEB portal. From the online WEB portal you can manage your installations and you have access to your data and results. You can use our standard dashboards to show your data. Using the online WEB you'll always be online with your production ...

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Who We Are

EasyCount is a Danish company. We add value to our customers by using their own data.

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